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Event Highlights

Rapid Prototyping

The “tech revolution” in Africa has so far been limited to the software space due to the lack of access to equipment, materials and skills(maker spaces) to allow young entrepreneurs to achieve a proof of concept prototype. Case study- Gearbox, Kenya. Gearbox is an initiative that aims at improving the ecosystem for hardware entrepreneurship by providing exible working space, shared prototyping
facilities, training in manufacturing, fabrication and design as well as mentorship. Investment opportunities, incubation and community

Women and ICT Dialogue

The Women and ICT Round Table Dialogue event seeks to put a spotlight on ICT issues that specifically affect women positively and negatively. The role of ICT innovations as enablers for access to healthcare services is the focus of the 2017 event to be held on October 26th at 10 am. We look forward to an engaging discussion with our esteemed panel namely; Delphine Serumaga, Country Representative, UN Women Sally Dura, Coordinator, Women’s Coalition, Zimbabwe Jaqueline Tsuma, Technology Entrepreneur | Kenya Jane Kalweo, Policy & Innovation, UN Aids.

E-Learning and Tech Tools

The education sector struggles to keep up with globalisation and it’s impact on learning with most libraries holding outdated books. Electronic (E- Learning) tools can help bridge the gap between these spaces and the global world of information readily available through the internet. 3D printing also known as Additive Manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from
a digital file. While the 3D printer that Tynwald Primary acquired only allows them to print smaller 10cm x 10cm objects, bigger 3D printers can actually print bigger objects like furniture, houses and even artificial body parts, for example, a human heart.